Educational Grant Application

Due to the move to a virtual congress this year, applications for educational grants has been adapted as follows. For the congress in 2021, bursaries consist of a free registration. This includes access to the webcasts during and until 31 December 2021.

1. Introduction
Applications from healthcare professionals for sponsorship to attend the SA Heart® Virtual Congress 2021 are invited for the purpose of creating a database of interested parties and potential candidates, should third party grant funding become available. Completing and submitting this online application does not offer the applicant any guarantee of success or entitlement to sponsorship, even if the criteria listed below is met.

2. Guidance on criteria for the selection of grant recipients
Selection criteria include the following:

- The applicant’s area of practice / expertise must be directly related to the professional areas represented by the objectives of the SA Heart® Virtual Congress 2021.

- The applicant should not have received regular and recent funding to any of the congresses in question.  It is intended to rotate grants to benefit as many individuals as possible.

In addition, preference may be given to:

  • Young practitioners and developing practitioners.
  • Those fulfilling roles as educators.
  • Those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Those from more remote geographic locations e.g. rural areas and inaccessible locations.
  • Gender may be used as an additional criteria.

Restricted grants offered by industry may have a separate or additional criteria as stipulated by the sponsoring company and those handling the sponsorships from SA Heart®, together with the congress organisers who are obliged to honour all such specifications when allocating grants.