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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Scientific Programme Committee for the 22nd SA Heart® Annual Congress 2022, may I invite you to participate in the long overdue in-person annual meeting. Far too much time has passed since our last warm encounter. It is with a deep breath of optimism that we envisage a face-to-face meeting after a 2-year hiatus and look forward to once again interacting on a truly personal level at a single grand venue, the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

Due to the potential disruptions by global politics, the COVID 19 pandemic, economic fluctuations and social uncertainties, this year’s congress needs flexible planning. We are aware of the benefits of hosting a face-to-face meeting, from within our own academic circles as well as the importance of maintaining exposure to our supportive industry partners. However, we must also acknowledge the constraints of large gatherings as well as travel restrictions which may possibly still have a negative impact especially upon our international delegates and faculty.

With this in mind, it is our intention to host a meeting which combines the best of an in-person delegate and local faculty meeting with an impressive number of in-person international faculty. We will also be virtually connecting to a much larger international faculty with high-definition streaming platforms. A live transmission to the venue will be hosted by local and international panellists enabling live face-to-face audience interaction and participation. This still caters for the delegates to visit the large exhibition hall in-person and meet colleagues.

SA HEART® CONGRESS 2022: FACE TO FACE: THE CASE FOR HYBRID CARDIOLOGY promises to be a monumental event.

The exponential rise in hybrid techniques and procedures can be explored with detailed analysis of the latest developments where these hybrid therapies are being employed. For example, hybrid PCI and CABG, minimally invasive structural interventions, hybrid pharmacological therapies such as novel heart failure drugs in diabetes and heart failure, hybrid career paths in cardiovascular medicine e.g., cardio-oncology, neuro-cardiology and invasive acute stroke management, critical care cardiac medicine, hybrid imaging and hybrid artificial intelligence and digital medicine with face-to-face physician interaction as highlighted by the pandemic, to mention but a few.

We yearn for an inclusive and diverse meeting, with broad representation across the various disciplines. We are designing a programme that binds all cardiovascular-related disciplines and enables participants to analyse comprehensively the intricacies of each. This is with a view to future collaboration for the holistic benefit of those entrusted to our care. Our inter-provincial dependence as championed by our outstanding collaborative academic efforts regarding the COVID 19 pandemic can only inspire us. We strive toward the realisation of the ideal enlightened state preceded by our individual and collective academic advancement. This can only materialise once we are all confident in distributing knowledge in the most accessible and equitable manner.

Our interactive workshops and seminars too, seek to cater for delegates to access the most renowned international and local experts in the field and remain as popular as ever. It is envisaged that these events are maintained pending the anticipated downward trajectory of the pandemic.

We look forward to hosting you in Johannesburg in October 2022.

Dr Farouk Mamdoo
Congress Convenor 2022

Dr Farouk Mamdoo 
Dr David Jankelow
Dr Blanche Cupido
Dr Ahmed Vachiat
Dr Alfonso Pecoraro
Professor Andrew Sarkin
Professor Antoinette Cilliers 
Professor Anton Doubell
Dr Arthur Mutyaba
Dr Chris Zambakides
Dr Darshan Reddy
Professor David Marais
Professor Francis E Smit 

Mr Jan Steyn
Dr Jane Moses 
Dr Jens Hitzeroth
Dr Ebrahim Hoosen
Professor Mashudu (Richard) Nethononda
Professor Neil Davies 
Dr Nqoba Tsabedze
Dr N.P. Duze
Dr Rob Dyer 
Professor Ruchika Meel 
Dr Sajidah Khan
Mr Selvan Govindsamy
Dr YT Singh